Watch the replay with the Korean Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (KSHRS) in Korean language.

Live Stream: Streamed on Monday, March 27, 2023

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IhcxMoOJ0w

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Panelists from left to right:
안지섭 (Ji-sup Ahn M.D., PhD, FISHRS) President of KSHRS
박재현 (Jae Hyun Park M.D. PhD) : Vice President of KSHRS
홍주형 (Hong Joo Hyung, MD)
이인재 (Injae Lee, MD)
김형석 (Hyung Suk Kim, MD)

Topic : (in Korean)
모발이식을 고려하는 환자들이 알아야 할 사항들

For Discussion:

FTF 캠페인은 어떤 것인가요?
안전한 모발이식 수술이란?
모발이식 병원, 의사를 선택할 때 환자가 반드시 알아야 할 것들
모발이식 수술에서 의사의 역할
모발이식 수술에서 잠재적인 위험성 및 예방법
환자의 안전을 위한 다양한 정책적 안전 장치들
두피문신을 계획하는 환자들이 알아야 할 사항들
누가 모발을 채취, 이식하는지가 왜 중요할까요?

Topic : What Patients in Korea Should Beware of when Considering Hair Transplant Surgery

For discussion:
-What is the ISHRS Fight the FIGHT Campaign and why was it created?
-What is a safe hair transplant surgery?
-What points should a patient keep in mind when making a decision?
-What should be the criteria for choosing the doctor?
-What should the doctor be doing in the hair transplant surgery?
-What are the potential risks of the surgery?
-What steps various governments are taking to ensure patient safety?
-What should the patient need to know when planning to have an SMP procedure?

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